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An SMS marketing campaign is the ideal way to reach your customers quickly

and affordably. Text messages carry your brand right into your customers’

pockets, so an SMS campaign is one of the most direct, measurable methods

of marketing available.



Zootext enables you to conduct high volume, personalised, two-way SMS

marketing campaigns from your own web-connected pc or tablet. Zootext has

been designed to enable you to create, manage and monitor your own large-

scale (often referred to as bulk) SMS marketing campaigns. Through an account

with Zoonet and our online Zootext service, you use your own spreadsheets,

databases and lists of mobile phone numbers as the campaign recipients. The

application’s simple-to-use and intuitive step-by-step user interface helps you

to create and run a text-messaging campaign in minutes. Simply upload your

file of recipients over a secure link, type in the message you wish to send, and

then schedule the campaign’s delivery – send the messages now or at sometime in the future. You can also choose to send the campaign out over a period of time, or at different times during the day – helping to ensure you have the right resources available to engage with those that respond to your messages. Campaigns can be global in coverage, include tens or tens of thousands of recipients and can be personalised for each recipient. You can even check the delivery status of every message you send through our SMS marketing gateway. And, should you wish, the recipients can reply back to your SMS, with replies being received in to your email inbox or automatically consolidated in to a spreadsheet, for later download and review. To help you comply with the latest EU legislation on mobile phone marketing, Zootext maintains an un-subscribers’ Opt-out List – message recipients just text back the word STOP to ensure that they are not sent any further messages.


The Zootext application is free to use and has no set-up or monthly charges. You just pay for the messages that you send, either by purchasing a pack of messages in advance, or by receiving an end-of-month usage invoice.













Short Code

Zootext provides a range of free-to-use online applications for organisations wishing to use Short Code numbers and Keywords (for example, Zoo on 84025) in their inbound text message marketing campaigns. These Short Code numbers and Keywords can be used as a convenient way to enable people to contact you by text message, with you optionally sending back a thank-you SMS message. With our Short Code services, anyone texting in to you is just charged their standard network rate for sending a text, which is more than likely going to be free.

SMS Marketing - Zootext

98% of text messages are read and campaigns show an average response rate of over 45%.

Drive clients to your points of sale. Stimulate new leads by using smart text messaging solutions - SMS coupons, or promotional SMS games.

Build brand awareness. Get people interested in your brands through an opt-in SMS campaign, SMS freebies, contests and sweepstakes.


On average, SMS messages are read within four minutes, making them highly convertible.

Maximise ROI – an SMS marketing campaign offers great value for the money.

Get in touch with your mobile audience. An SMS campaign can be a two-way event: build successful relationships with your customers, no matter where they are.

Report detailed monitoring of your SMS campaigns’ performance.

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