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A fundamental element of Visitor Relationship Management (VRM) is the ability to communicate effectively, providing individuals with timely, relevant information such as adoption opportunities, gift-aid requests and newsletters through the various channels of e-mail, SMS or mail - this requires Data Integrity.


Data cleansing (also known as data cleaning) should be regularly performed to maintain & ensure the information you hold on individuals is kept accurate and up-to-date. Maintaining this is not only legislatively necessary but is also simple common sense.


How is it done?

Your data is compared against industry standard information from over 300 million source records and then either flagged or suppressed accordingly.


What does it do?

Data cleansing does four things, cleanses the data, suppresses data, appends additional data and finally it validates that the data held is correct.  


What are the benefits?

Principally it will save money as there will be no wastage attempting to communicate with people who have goneaway, died or who don’t want to be contacted. It will also protect your brand ensuring customers are addressed correctly and helps save the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Zoonet Zoo Marketing - Data Management

FREE Data Audit & Profile

A data audit is the process of assessing how much of your data is fit for a given purpose. This involves profiling the data and assessing the impact of poor quality data on your organisation's performance and profits.


We also offer a free data profile report, showing the insight you could add to your current customer file


For a detailed free Data Reports on your database. Call us on 0845 643 9795 or e-mail

Data Management - Cleaning & Profiling

Everything you need to know about your customers, and how to turn that

knowledge into profit.


Whether you're looking to acquire more profitable customers or to retain and

grow current relationships, our data enhancement variables, consumer

segmentation systems and expert customer analysis can add real value.


Everything we do is based on results. We are committed to increasing your

return on marketing investment and improving your campaign responses



With over 400 consumer insight variables in our database and a suite of highly discriminative segmentation systems, we can create bespoke models or off the shelf solutions to suit your consumer analysis needs and budget.


Not only can we enhance your understanding of offline customers, but we can join that insight together with their online activity, giving you fully integrated customer insight.

Demographics, lifestyle and income

Credit risk profile

Attitudes to and uses of technology

Environmental and ethical views

Gain customer insight & understand your customer's:

Consumer Insight & Analysis

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